About us

About us

JSC “Straujos“ prekybos sistemos was established on the 6th of March in 1999 m. under the basis of retail electronic equipment division of UAB ”Strauja“. Now we have 45 employees in the company. The main shareholders are also employed by the company. Our central office is located in Kaunas. We also have branches in Vilnius, Klaipėda and Šiauliai.

Spheres of activities:

We provide the following services: consultations, sales, implementation, personnel instruction, cash-register equipment registration in the State Tax Inspectorate, maintenance, repair and supply of retail consumables.

Sales and service divisions form the core of the company. In our company work certified specialists, programmers, equipment maintenance engineers. In Kaunas, Vilnius, Klaipėda and Šiauliai regions there are fifteen engineer-programmers who service various objects: from small private enterprises to the biggest trade networks.

The team of qualified specialists, client-company relationships based on mutual trust, ensuring confidentiality, quick repair time – these are the things that form the basics of a reliable service.


1994 – since in Lithuania electronic cash-registers were obligatory, in 1994 a new electronic cash-register division of UAB "Strauja" was established.
1997 – the design of a new hospitality management and accounting program Presta was started.
1999 – on the 6th of March a new company name UAB "Straujos“ prekybos sistemos was registered.
2001 – Vilnius branch was established.
2001 – Presta program was registered in the computer programs and databases register of Copyright Agency.
2003 – Klaipėda branch was established. 
2004 - the team of UAB „Straujos“ prekybos sistemos won the tournament of Business Professionals.
2005 – in the exhibition Infobalt Presta system was acknowledged as the best ITTE product in the software category.
2006 – in the project "Gazelė 2006"  of “Verslo žinios” our company was acknowledged as one of the most successfully working and developing companies in Lithuania.
2007 - UAB "Golsma ir Ko" merged with our company.
2007 - Šiauliai branch was established.
2007 - in the project "Gazelė 2007"  of “Verslo žinios” our company was nominated as one of the most successfully working and developing companies in Lithuania.
2007 - UAB "Adava" merged with our company.

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